Area Preparation Checklist

The best rule of thumb to keep in mind in preparation for a virtual tour/360 video shoot is that the camera can see anything and everything that a person walking around can see. Due to this immersive quality of a virtual tour, the Customer should be very careful to make sure the entire captured area is well presented. Please have the location ready upon the arrival of the 360Pros technician by following the below checklist.

Thank you.


□ Move any staff/owner vehicles from the driveway and park away from the property to be captured.

□ Place garbage bins and anything that is not attached in garage/lockup, or out of sight.

□ Straighten outdoor furniture.

□ Cut grass and remove all weeds from cracks in concrete.

□ Ensure that all signage is up-to-date and appropriate.

□ Remove any unwanted items.

□ If the 360Pros technician is shooting during business hours, make sure that guests are informed.


□Turn ALL inside lights on, including lamps, under counter lights and stove lights.

□ Replace any burned out bulbs.

□ Open all drapes and blinds on windows with a good view.

□ If blinds are down, ensure they are all equally angled open.

□ Conceal cords. Unplug them from the wall if needed (except lights).

□ Turn all televisions off, or put television to a single image screen.

□ Remove any clutter.


Store all removed items in closets, cabinets or pick an area that won’t be captured during the 360 photography/3D scans. (Be careful when choosing this area since a 360 image/video can see almost everything.