Mission Group Presentation Recap

Our goal is to offer you the latest and most immersive way to connect with and engage your audience. We want your customers, and your customer’s customers to say to their colleagues “have you seen what Mission Group is doing?”

3d Virtual Tours

Key Points

Immersive and realistic • Easily Share Online • Add annotations • Extract 2D & 360 photos • Free Hosting

Press play below; click&drag on the image to interact!

360 "VR" Video

Key Points

First person view • Look in every direction • Fly-over large sites • Next level video story-telling • View on normal screens or in VR 

Press play below; click&drag on the video to look in every direction!

Aerial Video & Photography

Key Points

Industrial grade drones • Transport Canada Certified •Fly-over hard-to-reach places • 4K video quality • Full service - from creating a concept to production, editing, audio&video effects, to delivering a final product. 

3D Interactive Maps & Models

Key Points

Easy to use • HUGE wow-factor • View from computer and most smart-phones/tablets • Overview of large developments • Include pop-up annotations • VR capable • Set one-click camera views for easy story-telling 

Press play below; click&drag on the window to interact! Zoom in or out with scroll wheel on a mouse, or pinch on mobile devices. Click "1" or "2" for additional info & interaction.

3D Earthworks Aerial Surveying

Key Points

Non-invasive project monitoring • Measure distance, area, and volumes • Incredible geographical accuracy (to the cm) • Quick turnaround (next day availability)

Select MAP or 3D MODEL; click&drag on the image to interact! Zoom in or out with the mouse's scroll wheel.