3d Virtual Tours

Key Points

Immersive and realistic • Easily Share Online • Add annotations • Extract 2D & 360 photos • Free Hosting

Press play below; click&drag on the image to interact!

360 "VR" Video

Key Points

First person view • Look in every direction • Fly-over large sites • Next level video story-telling • View on normal screens or in VR 

Press play below; click&drag on the video to look in every direction!

Aerial Video & Photography

Key Points

Industrial grade drones • Transport Canada Certified •Fly-over hard-to-reach places • 4K video quality • Full service - from creating a concept to production, editing, audio&video effects, to delivering a final product. 

3D Interactive Maps & Models

Key Points

Easy to use • HUGE wow-factor • View from computer and most smart-phones/tablets • Overview of large developments • Include pop-up annotations • VR capable • Set one-click camera views for easy story-telling 

Press play below; click&drag on the window to interact! Zoom in or out with scroll wheel on a mouse, or pinch on mobile devices. Click "1" or "2" for additional info & interaction.

3D Earthworks Aerial Surveying

Key Points

Non-invasive project monitoring • Measure distance, area, and volumes • Incredible geographical accuracy (to the cm) • Quick turnaround (next day availability)

Select MAP or 3D MODEL; click&drag on the image to interact! Zoom in or out with the mouse's scroll wheel.