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What is a 360 video? Sometimes called VR video (also known as Virtual Reality), a 360 video is a representation of a 360-degree panoramic scene. The scene is recorded in every direction at the same time using an omni-directional camera or a collection of multiple cameras (known as a rig). This allows you to watch the video from all different angles, and scroll (computer screen) or pan (cellphone or tablet) in the direction you'd like to watch. It's as if you're standing where the camera is operating, and can look in any direction during the shot, to see everything that was captured.

The most exciting way to view 360 videos is with a VR Headset. Just choose the 360 video through either YouTube or your favourite VR player APP, put your cellphone into the headset, and gaze around the scene without any input besides looking around. It's amazing, but I don't need to convince you. Try out a few of the sample videos on the site and experience it for yourself. 

In addition to being hosted directly on a web browser, all 360-degree videos we produce can be viewed through a VR headset such as Google Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR, and more advanced systems like the HTC Vive. This allows your viewers to experience a first-person point of view, as if they were standing where our 360Pros 360-camera was during the shoot!

360Pros wants you to tell your story


Create a buzz about around your business by advertising in Virtual Reality. With the consumer VR boom just around the corner, be one of the first to exploit this new and growing canvas for immersive marketing.Use a 360/VR video to show your customers what your experience is all about.  360Pros is your one-stop shop for VR production. We will work with you to create a concept, execute the production, edit, add sound and effects, and deliver to you the final experience, ready to share with the world.


Show your hotel and resort to the world through a different perspective; your perspective. Tourist attractions in VR can give your customers a full adventure before and after their trip. Display your experience like no other, and show your customers why you should be the first on their list place to visit!

Adventure Sports

Your skills, your passion, your thrill. 360Pros can tell your story and capture your extreme game through Virtual Reality. VR is the ultimate way to share your passion with others. Immerse your viewers by allowing then to follow along through your journey. 


Make your event a day to remember. Capture your audience in an immersive virtual reality experience. Conferences will never be the same after VR technology; a one day event becomes an every day event. Your business will be on the cutting edge of technology with 360Pros' involvement, and give your competition something to be envious about. Hire us to help express your ideas and information to your customers and employees in a captivating new way.


A new and exciting way to learn. Excite and engage your audience.  Display and teach your material to your students in a fun, memorable way. A 360 VR Production will not only open your student's minds to a new way to see the world, but they can take home the experience to enjoy it any time they wish. Ask us how you can create a fun and engaging educational experience, and let your students use portable VR viewers like Google Cardboard to make learning about the world a memorable event.