Google Jump Start

Google Jump rig featuring the GoPro Odyssey camera

Google Jump rig featuring the GoPro Odyssey camera

I couldn't think of a more suitable topic to feature for our first blog post! 360Pros is proud to announce that in partnership with Impact VR, we have been selected as participants in the 2nd round of the Google Jump Start program, where Google connects filmmakers with the resources we need to create virtual reality films. Read more about it on Google's blog post here. 

Our primary project will be to create several virtual reality spotlight films highlighting aspects of British Columbia's indigenous cultures from past to present, and looking onwards to what the future will bring.


We will take viewers on a journey of BC's vast waters learning about the traditional canoes and how they were used, featuring Takaya Tours' own 40+ foot dugout canoe replica.


Later, we will feature performances at Whistler's SLCC, a modern, rustic-style facility with cultural exhibits on the Squamish & Lil'wat Nation, plus events. We'll feature tales of forging for medicine, arts and culture, and have fun while learning and indulging in a beautiful and inspiring culture.

We have other amazing and surprising stories to feature, so I'll update you as we continue to move forward.

Stay tuned!

Boris Maganic